AppBajarLib - Make Android Coding Simple

December 06, 2016

Finally, the #AppBajarLib is at Github.

Save 50% coding time using common and simple methods of #AppBajarLib. Nothing is new here, we just tried to combine 3 to 10 lines code into the single line to save the development time and faster the overall progress. We will continue our effort and have the plan to make this library as official SDK of AppBajar ( marketplace for in-app purchase/subscription/ad network features .


Add the following line to the build.gradle file and sync.

buildscript {

// following lines/block is important for AppBajar Library

repositories { mavenCentral() }


compile 'com.aapbd:appbajar-lib:1.0.2'

*Example:- *

To make Activity full screen, just call DisplayUtils.fullScreen(youractivityname);

To open keyboard, call KeyBoardManager.openKeyBoard(Context con, final View v);

To remember login/logout state and save logged user info, PersistentUser.getInstance().setLogin(Context c);

*Youtube Channel for tutorial series: *